Whether its supportive footbeds for personalised comfort or slip-resistant soles for extra stability in any situation, Mathers Technology adds premium comfort and durability to your everyday style.


The right support for your feet is key to loving your new shoes. From moulded footbeds to removable insoles that let you customise with your own orthotics, our wide range of footbed technology supports every footwear need. Choose from light cushioning, contoured anatomical shaping or full stabilising comfort for the footwear you deserve.

Ziera Usaid W Coffee Woven Sandal Ziera Usaid W Coffee Woven Sandal


Step out in confidence with slip-resistant shoes. Increasing your surface grip across a variety of terrain and in a range of circumstances, our brands use slip resistance to keep you on your feet for work and play. From the light grip of Supersoft’s classic styles to the durability of Colorado’s Sure Grip soles, Mathers’ range of slip-resistant shoes give stability to your everyday style.

Supersoft Meduza Blush Rose Gold Leather Heel Supersoft Meduza Blush Rose Gold Leather Heel
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